Currency shipping

Pay your property, the initial fee or your credit fee through our currency delivery channel (Monetization), where we guarantee agility, transparency and security. We represent you before the Bank of the Republic and we legalize the entrance of the currencies to the country.

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PayPal Online Payments

Through our alliance with the international PayPal platform you can make the payment of the separation of your property quickly, easily and safely. We accompany you step by step in this process so that you take advantage of this benefit and save yourself the ranks.

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How to make your payments through PayPal?

PayPal is an electronic alternative to traditional payment methods. This offers you security, protection for your payments, among other benefits. If you have already chosen your property, click on pay following the instructions given to you by the advisor assigned to you. You are getting closer to fulfilling your dream.


Why Send Foreign Currency with Own Home Colombia? 

  • Our currency transfer channel (Monetization) represents an optimal foreign exchange market for real estate investment in Colombia.
  • We represent you before the Bank of the Republic of Colombia and legalize the entry of your foreign currency into the country as a foreign investment.
  • Security and accompaniment throughout the operation.
  • The money from the Monetization will be consigned directly to the construction company or fiduciary, thus generating transparency and security in the process. 

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Jimena Salamanca

Jimena Salamanca

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