Who we are?

Casa Propia Colombia

We are a company created by the biggest construction developers in Colombia: Amarilo, Marval and Colpatria, with over 40 years of experience in construction, each of these companies owning Casa Propia Colombia are among the 5 largest builders in sales in the country. Sixteen years ago, this group of leaders came together to dream of a model whose objective would be to easily integrate the step-by-step process of buying a home in Colombia for Colombians or foreigners residing anywhere in the world.

With this vision Casa Propia Colombia was created, a company that supports its clients throughout the process of buying the property according to their needs, obtaining the mortgage loan that best benefits them and the safest channel to transfer foreign exchange to the builders or financial institutions to pay for the property.


We are facilitators and guarantors of investment plans in the real estate and construction sector for Colombians and foreigners living abroad, who are interested in investing and thriving in Colombia.

Based on our experience and a specialized professional team, we offer complete investment solutions, ensuring the profitability and security of our clients, allies and partners, and promoting the development of Colombians who see in their country opportunities to ensure their present and future.

Company vision

In the year 2020 we will be recognized in Colombia and the world as an expert organization that facilitates, through complete and secure solutions, investments related to the real estate sector in Colombia, especially by Colombians living in other countries.