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Yes, the total payment of the property must be made during the term established for the initial installment, considering that the benefit of the mortgage loan is only granted to Colombians or to foreigners who have a bond with Colombians.

No, we only have new housing projects from our partner builders.

If you're an employee:

- Photocopy of the identity card

- Work Certificate

- Taxes of the country of residence or certification of non-declarant

- Bank statements for the last three months


If you're independent:

- Photocopy of the identity card

- Certificate of legal constitution of the company

 Bank statements for the last three months

- Taxes in the country of residence or certification of non-declarant


If you're a pensioner:

- Photocopy of the identity card

- Pension Resolution

- Bank statements for the last three months

- Taxes in the country of residence or certification of non-declarant

If you have the capacity to do so, yes, otherwise you can pay your initial instalment within the period in which the property is delivered.

Our company places the monetization service (sending currency for payment of real estate in Colombia) at your disposal, or via PSE if you have savings accounts in Colombia, if you require more information contact one of our advisors.

Once the initial payment is completed in the terms established in the negotiation, the process of legalization of the credit, deed and delivery takes approximately 3 months.    In addition, due to external factors, the delivery may be postponed for a longer period of time.

Each specific case is evaluated with the developer company.

No, considering that the projects are long term, the savings are made in the monthly payment of your down payment.

Our expert advisors will interview you to understand your profile abroad and according to your needs, they will show you the more than 130 housing options that we have available in more than 12 cities in the country, then they will ask you for your identification document and documents that prove the origin of your resources abroad to start with the signing of documentation and separation of your home in Colombia. Our team will guide you through the entire process of acquiring your home from the moment you separate your property until the delivery of the keys to your own home in Colombia.

It is necessary to demonstrate the origin of your resources and the support of your income abroad, it can be as an employee, independent or pensioner.

Not necessarily. We can send you the necessary documents for purchase by email, you sign and return the originals.

In the legalization process, if the buyer is unable to attend these procedures, he or she must necessarily have a proxy in Colombia.

Crédito hipotecario

Of course, keep in mind that our company offers the service of loan processing, you can even apply for a used home.

Our credit service is oriented to financing for the purchase of housing to Colombians living abroad, we evaluate your profile and conditions to offer you the right alternative.

Between 18 and 75 years old (depends on the policies of each bank)


If you have not chosen a property you must choose it now. Once you have chosen, you must check the deed date if it is a new property. If it is for the purchase of a used property, you must provide a certificate of tradition and freedom in order to verify that the property does not have any encumbrances (mortgages, affectation, patrimony, usufruct, etc.).


Casa Propia Colombia requests the appraisal from the bank, the bank assigns us an expert who will contact the person who shows the property for the corresponding appraisal.


Once the appraisal is ready, the bank assigns a lawyer to do the title study, who sends the minutes to the notary's office to carry out the signing of the deed.

The property must be assigned to family housing according to Law 258.

Certificate of tradition and freedom of the property not exceeding 30 days

Tradition deeds of the last 10 years

Property tax certificate of good standing

IDU or valorization certificate of good standing

Promise to buy and sell

No, these expenses are not included in the costs. Therefore, the costs are borne by the client.

No. Casa Propia Colombia writes a special power of attorney according to the chosen bank and sends it to the client with the pertinent indications for the authentication of the signature before the consulate or notary. If it is authenticated by the consulate you do not need apostille, while if it is through notary you do need apostille.

The proxy figure is handled only for the signing of documents in the name and representation of the principal. This attorney-in-fact will not be registered in the purchase, in the deed or in the mortgage of the property. The proxy is also not a guarantor.

This is a special power of attorney which describes the property you want to buy and the proxy will only have the power to sign the promise of purchase before the seller and / or builder, opening an account, promissory notes before the bank and signing the deed. It shall not give power to the attorney for sale, exchange or alienation of the property.

Group A

Depends on the project. I invite you to contact an advisor so they can find what best suits your needs.

Depends on the project. I invite you to contact an advisor so they can find what best suits your needs.

Servicio de monetización

That if a person buys property with foreign resources, they must notify those dollars channeled for real estate investment through format 4 or 5 to Banco de la República.

It is to bring a foreign currency to the local market (Colombia) and convert it to pesos.

You send your foreign currency through the Monetization service, in which your currency is exchanged into U.S. dollars and then into Colombian pesos. We take care of paying the developer, bank or trust.

Casa Propia Colombia provides:



Send foreign exchange through Casa Propia Colombia G-5 S.A, is a company owned by 3 large developers in Colombia: Amarilo, Marval and Colpatria, which support us in case of any inconvenience.



A. You transfer the money from your account abroad and Casa Propia Colombia deposits it directly to the construction company, Fiduciary or Bank in pesos, without intermediaries.

B. Avoid the commute of the proxy to financial entities and to the Sales Room.

C. Our ally with which we negotiate the foreign exchange is Credicorp Capital S.A, stock exchange commission agents, supervised by the Superintendence of Finance of Colombia and the AMV (Author regulator of the Securities Market).



Casa Propia Colombia G-5 S.A. legalizes before the Bank of the Republic, in your name, the income of the currency by means of the form 4 avoiding that you, your proxy or relative is obligated to declare this money before the National Tax and Customs Agency.



All the monetization supports, service settlement, form 4 and payment support are sent to the client´s registered e-mail.


What is the difference between monetizing with Casa Propia Colombia and sending the money through an exchange house or money order?

If you send it through an exchange house, the money enters the country as a family remittance and the proxy does not have a way to support the investment at the time of income tax return.


If you send it through money order, you must pay an occasional income tax because you cannot support that money was received from abroad for a third-party real estate investment.


In Casa Propia Colombia we negotiate the dollar in real time, while in an exchange house or a bank the negotiation rate is fixed according to a money table without your approval.


Casa Propia Colombia offers security, we make the payment directly to the Developer, Fiduciary or Bank, otherwise you may need a person in Colombia to make this payment.