Our services

We advise and support Colombians and foreigners residing abroad throughout the entire process of buying a home in Colombia, including assistance and guidance on the financing of the property and the transfer of foreign exchange for its payment. 

We guide all our clients through all the procedures and processes related to the investment of property in Colombia, from beginning to end until they receive the keys to their own home.


Buy your housing

We want your efforts to materialize, so we place at your disposal a portfolio of new housing that covers most of Colombia's national territory, through the 3 biggest developers in the country, who represent experience, security and trust. Starting off on this dream is very easy and we will walk with you in this new road.

Mortage Loan

Mortage Credit

We provide comprehensive advice and support to our Colombian clients residing abroad in obtaining mortgage credit and / or housing leasing in Colombia, through banks and allied entities according to the conditions and profile of each client.


Remittance of foreign currency

We provide specialized advice on the legalization of your currency for the payment of the property in Colombia, this allows you to invest in your country, bring the currencies and return them with their returns and profits without difficulty to change it.


Service for developers

Supported by our extensive experience, we offer other developers support with their clients in advising and assisting in the financing of their property and foreign exchange for payment.