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Why buy home with us?
Support from developers
1. Support from developers
Our new housing portfolio covers most of the Colombian territory through construction companies that represent experience, security and trust.
 We are process facilitators
4. We are process facilitators
Our 15 years of experience in the market has allowed us to understand and easily adapt our processes for the Colombian abroad.
Customer service and attention
2. Customer service and attention
For Casa Propia Colombia communication is important, so we put at your disposal our customer service area to listen to you whenever you need.
Honesty and transparency
5. Honesty and transparency
Are our most important pillars in Casa Propia Colombia. Our processes and collaborators are continuously evaluated and monitored.
Permanent accompaniment
3. Permanent accompaniment
We support you from the decision to buy the property until the delivery of your keys. We allow the financing and accounting of currencies from abroad and in Colombia
Specialized advice
6. Specialized advice
We have an expert team in the process of selling real estate from abroad, providing specialized advice on our real estate offer.

How to buy a home with Casa Propia Colombia?

We want your efforts to materialize, so we have a portfolio of new housing at your disposal that covers most of Colombia's national territory, through the 3 most important developers in the country, Amarilo, Marval and Colpatria who represent experience, security and trust. To begin with this dream is very easy and we will accompany you in this new way.

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Note to consider

The information presented here is illustrative, do not hesitate to contact our advisors for more detailed information on how to buy your own home in Colombia.