Why monetize with Casa Propia Colombia?

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Casa Propia Colombia provides:



Send foreign exchange through Casa Propia Colombia G-5 S.A, is a company owned by 3 large developers in Colombia: Amarilo, Marval and Colpatria, which support us in case of any inconvenience.



A. You transfer the money from your account abroad and Casa Propia Colombia deposits it directly to the construction company, Fiduciary or Bank in pesos, without intermediaries.

B. Avoid the commute of the proxy to financial entities and to the Sales Room.

C. Our ally with which we negotiate the foreign exchange is Credicorp Capital S.A, stock exchange commission agents, supervised by the Superintendence of Finance of Colombia and the AMV (Author regulator of the Securities Market).



Casa Propia Colombia G-5 S.A. legalizes before the Bank of the Republic, in your name, the income of the currency by means of the form 4 avoiding that you, your proxy or relative is obligated to declare this money before the National Tax and Customs Agency.



All the monetization supports, service settlement, form 4 and payment support are sent to the client´s registered e-mail.


What is the difference between monetizing with Casa Propia Colombia and sending the money through an exchange house or money order?

If you send it through an exchange house, the money enters the country as a family remittance and the proxy does not have a way to support the investment at the time of income tax return.


If you send it through money order, you must pay an occasional income tax because you cannot support that money was received from abroad for a third-party real estate investment.


In Casa Propia Colombia we negotiate the dollar in real time, while in an exchange house or a bank the negotiation rate is fixed according to a money table without your approval.


Casa Propia Colombia offers security, we make the payment directly to the Developer, Fiduciary or Bank, otherwise you may need a person in Colombia to make this payment.

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