Who we are?

We are experts in providing comprehensive advice and assistance to Colombians and foreigners living abroad for the purchase and financing of housing in Colombia.

Our team

We work as a team! We create synergy and value our human talent; we always act with transparency and honesty.

Our relationship is based on the vocation of service, this allows us to be close to the needs of our clients and partners. Our main purpose is to make things easier and to make them happen.

Partners and allies

We are a company constituted 15 years ago by the most important construction companies in Colombia, with over 40 years of experience in the construction sector: Amarilo, Marval and Colpatria.

In financing, we represent abroad the most important banks in the country: Bancolombia, Davivienda, BBVA and Banco de Occidente.


Listening to our customers helps us grow every day.

Work with us

Join our team!

We value the talent and attitude of our employees. We always work based on personal growth and seek to maintain an optimal organizational climate based on respect, inclusion and honesty.

Allies abroad

We have a large team of allies and experts located in different cities around the world, representing our company and may be closer to you.


We make it easy for Colombians and foreigners residing abroad to buy a home, obtain credit and send their foreign currency to Colombia.